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Zilch Theme

Written by Shivcharan Patil

logoZilch means zero(0). Zero in term of weight, color, image. Absolutely clean theme. Simplicity is key of theme, featuring plenty of white space, as well as a lack of superfluous elements. It is powerful, clean, table-less, fix width theme. To avoid Code bloat and producing boat less and fat less code is main philosophy behind theme. develop by Shivcharan Patil (Shiv) for Drupal and WordPress.

Philosophy and Goals of theme

  • Clean.
  • Light weight. Boat less code, fat less code. Zero fat (26Kb only).
  • White (+ gray). Aesthetic. Elegant.
  • Focus on usability, legibility and readability.
  • Easy. Keep it simple. Avoid confusion for newbies, new users.


Zilch theme focus on usability, legibility and readability. Zilch use large text because readability is important, and small text are hard to read. The typography and white space promise comfortable reading pleasure.

Get WordPress Zilch or Drupal Zilch

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WordPress plugin for creating administrator guide.

Written by Shivcharan Patil

Admin Guide Dashboard Widget

This is a simple WordPress plugin for adding posts in the admin dashboard from user define category.
There are several instance where you want to store and share some tips, notes, instructions for administrating your site. It may be for yourself to keep remember or for other administrators. In some case site is administrate by more than single administrator in that case you may be need to store some useful tips, notes, instructions about how to administrate site or you may be need to store site’s policies for other site administrator and for future administrators. For such instants create category with name admin and from “Admin Guide Dashboard Widget” configuration form enter category id to set it. And post all your instructions, admin guide into that category. You Done it! Don’t forget to keep all those posts as “Private” while publishing posts.

Download Admin Guide Dashboard Widget

WordPress Zilch

Written by Shivcharan Patil

Since I develop into WordPress; I decided to contribute to WordPress community with my theme development skill. I already had Drupal theme development experience with GitHub. I contributed to Drupal community with hundreds of commits with my several Drupal themes.

Two years ago my attempt was fail to contribute WordPress with my theme. And now today I try again with my theme zilch. This time I hop Zilch will be approve by theme review team.